Classes and groups

schueler 1In the reception classes we promote our pupils’ language skills playfully with age-specific materials. Whilst in the first groups, we work mainly with songs and stories, wordplays and activity games, the emphasis in the next groups lies on the development of reading and writing skills.

schueler 2In the intermediate level, we work with material based on German Curricula and employ modern methodologies for the most important aspects of early language learning. We enliven our material with innovation and creativity and enhance it with grammatical and situation-oriented subjects for the upper levels.

In the exam class, we offer the preparation and supervision of the local GCSE exam, based on the material and objectives of the English Curriculum.

In the final class (as needed), we work with classic and contemporary literature to deepen the already advanced knowledge.

German traditions, such as St. Martin, Carnival and Christmas, are integrated into the lessons and also celebrated in special events.